Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year.. 2012 already???

Where did 2011 go?? Time flies and alot of projects behind me now, and many ahead of me. Time passes so fast now, when I was a teen, time just crept along at a snails pace it seemed, now decades later it is just way too fast. I have so many ideas in my head of ceramic projects I want to do and will do, its just I need to get organized.
It does help that I feel so much better, I had my appendix removed right before Christmas. Tho it was not like the textbook appendicitis that people hear about. Mine was more a dull pain in my side, for months, just this pulling sensation and like a 'thumb' pressing on my innards. Thats the only way to describe how it felt, plus sciatic nerve pain in that right hip and leg pain, so much so, I hated to walk. I had so many tests, and I almost decided to cancel the CT scan scheduled. I know it sounds insane, but I was getting downright mad that everything was coming out fine, thankfully, but I knew I wasn't fine.. and started thinking maybe my doctor and my husband as well, thought I was imagining it. Finally the CT scan showed a funky appendix. And did have a bit a concern, because the word 'cancer' even entered the conversation because of how it looked on the CT scan. So, had it removed, biopsied and all is fine.. whew... when I went in for the followup appointment with the surgeon the other day, she even showed me photos of the appendix before she removed it.. ewe!!
Well, its a difference of night and day how I feel. Tho lifting anything heavy is still a bit restricted until I fully heal inside. Plus I have been taking a B12 supplement and what a tremendous difference that makes too, energy now.. energy I haven't felt in years!!
I am looking forward to seeing what gets accomplished in 2012, projects I am really looking forward to.
Finally has some snow the other day, one of those 'white out' conditions for a few minutes and then the sun shines.. crazy...
Well, here's to 2012 and a better year for all us..

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