Friday, August 12, 2011

Well.. its done.. well almost....

Well, its done.. its functional.. it still has some small things to get it really finished, like I came up a bit short on the wood for trim around the windows, I need to get more paint to do some touch ups, I haven't decided what I will do to fill in around the base of the building.. day lillies, lattice, or a rock garden type of thing.. rocks are so plentiful here.. And the statue of Mary is getting new paint.
But now I'm finally working in the studio. I can say now, 'I'll be in the studio if you need me'. That sounds so much better than, "I'll be in the basement" doesn't it.
A little tour now:
Looking inside, my kiln, potter wheel stowed away on a shelf, molds and the greenware drying area

I haven't quite decided what the back wall cabinet and shelves yet.. probably my spot to do the last detail work, and yes, that chaise lounge is there to stay, what a difference having something comfortable to sit in makes, especially cleaning greenware. And it is easily moved from one side to the other.

In this photo, you can see the airbrush booth, well lit..
And in the back corner is when I plan on doing the casting..
Above all this is a loft for storage, the only items that will remain in the basement will be the rubber production molds and the plaster storage, I don't need them out there all the time, so I figure to just keep them when the temp and humidity are not an issue.
And I purchased a Shinco Mini Split Heat Pump to have A/C and heat, and its worked just great, humidity is a major problem here.
Right now, the set up seems to work, but who knows, in two weeks, I'll probably change it all around..

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  1. Looks wonderful, like it will soon fit you like a glove. You've done a terrific job with all of the fixtures and shelves... and the chaise lounge! :-) So nice and neat too.