Friday, February 17, 2012

Working on explanding the family.. again.. by two..

We've talked about it off and on over the years, but projects and money and just not the right time has put it off, but its time now.. time to add some new life in our lives. We are in the market now for adding Labrador Retrievers again into our lives. My husband and I just love the breed, I don't know why, its hard to explain, but its funny how when I have talked to people that have had purebreds, plus rescues in their lives, they invaribly say.. 'someday I would love to get another purebred .. whatever breed they mention... With us, it is Labs. And you know how they say there has always been one special one.. with us it was the first Lab I got when I was 16, that was way back in 1973, a full blood, Field Trail bred black Lab. Sadie.. my mom nicknamed her Sexy Sadie.. Sorry for the odd looking photo, its hard taking photos thru glass, I didn't want to disturb the frame.
And today, it dawned on me as I type this.. she's been gone 25 years now today. She was 14. But such an impact she had on us; smart, funny, energetic, and as the saying goes, I didn't know what I had.. well I did actually, that's why she is missed so much. And years ago, back in 1996 we purchased two Labradors from a breeder in Lawrenceburg Kentucky, they were nice dogs, but just didn't quite measure up to Sadie. I don't think we had unrealistic expectations that they'd be as good as her, but retrieving and enjoying a good swim was not in their makeup. I do miss them.

Over the years we've lived here in Kentucky, 27 years now, we have had our share of mixed breed dogs come and go, strays that people just dumped on our property when they were small puppies, we took them in and let them enjoy their lives here. We still have two, Toby and Spinner, they are getting up in age, Toby is 7 and Spin is 9, they still have alot of play in them tho.

So, now we decided the time is right, we have the space here for sure, plenty of land, plus I know how labs love being out on the woods, our labs always loved going out on the trailrides with us. So.. the hunt is on. I have been looking on the net, got some great leads and advice from some people to. So, as time goes on, there may be a pitter patter of 8 little feet sometime this year. We wouldn't object to something a bit older than a pup, I know some don't make the cut as field trial dogs, they are fully trained, but not cut out for that, like some horses are cut out for the show ring.. nice horses, but its not their cup of tea.
I remember a quote from the TV series "Becker"; 'the heart wants what the heart wants'.. and in my heart, its a Lab.
And a short update regarding the clinkies.. I do have some goodies to be available soon, plus a brand new project I'm finishing up the mold for.. teaser photos to be posted in the future.
This one is a Addi V. Callahan I'm just about finished with...

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