Thursday, June 30, 2011

What.. you want to build a what???

I have been around.. just been busy. I have been working downstairs in my basement on ceramic horses since about 1993, and when I finally got the courage to seriously approach my husband about building a studio, the look was priceless. And after explaining to him why I need to do this, he went along with it. I decided to not look back when I'm 70 years old and ask myself "Why didn't you build a studio when you had the chance."
Well... its almost done. A 12x16 Do it Yourself (and test your marriage vows) Shed.. aka. studio. I could say its been fun, well, that's not quite the truth, its been WORK!!! Of course the only person whose lost any weight with this whole endeavor has been my husband.. me, well, not so lucky. Of course, I wouldn't want to be sweating like he does. And I think its safe to say, this is probably a once in a lifetime project on this scale. The option of buying one of those prebuilts was not an option, and actually my husband and I are people that really would rather just do it ourselves. I will have it insulated, and also have a 3/4 ton heat pump for heat and a/c. Here in the woods, there is no way we could exist without the air conditioning, the humidity here is horrendous. But here is a photo, I have more done since I snapped this, but I still have some windows to install on the other side, hopefully by Breyerfest 2011, I'll be moving in to it...


  1. A belated comment -- but boy, I'm excited for you Marge!! You're going to love it I'm certain. ending best wished for your new space ~ Lynn

  2. Make that *sending* best *wishes* for your new space! (silly, tired fingrs...)