Friday, November 12, 2010

Old people.. young horses....

Yesterday.. we took the day off and went to a different area to ride, put the two horses in the trailer and off we went to Clear Creek, near Morehead KY, a little over an hour away. We've been there a couple of times already, but this was the first time with Cheyenne. He's like Rocky, only smaller, he sets the pace and definitely a leader. For his small stature, he proved himself a real climber, and pretty much unflappable.

The main trail we wanted to ride on was basically along top of a ridge, but to get there, there is basically a goat trail that you zig zag to the top, no spooky horses or riders faint of heart. The top view is really breathtaking, tho the camera doesn't really show how nice it is. That lake in the photo is where the truck is parked.

We got to the top, Gary dug out the map, tho on this trail there aren't any other trails to get confused with, but he likes to know where we're going regardless.
We came to this rock formation.. and rode along side of it, then the trail takes you to the top of it.. lets just say, this when I found how good Cheyenne can leap, tho he was very careful picking his way thru. I wish I'd take a photo of the trail up the rock formation. Glad the easyboots have a rubber sole. I know it doesn't look that imposing.. it was pretty neat tho, we rode along side of it for a while, then to the top.Our goal on the ride was to see the Furnace Arch.. we didn't make it this far last time, I wish I'd taken more photos.. next time...we definitely want to do this again.
We rode a bit further, then came to three other trails.. hmm.. now what.. well, the main trail continued on ontop of the ridge, then there was a regular county access road, then two other maintanence roads, locked from motorized use, horses or foot travel were fine.. well, OK.. lets take the road less traveled.. we went onto the maintanence road, and it made a nice break for us and the horses, and it ended up getting us right back were we needed to be to get down the hill again, zigzag down the hill back to the truck, and after 3 hours of riding, the boys were still ready to go.
But we weren't..
We did take a one last photo at the lake before we unsaddle and take care of the boys. Funny we fuss with them, make sure they have water and hay, before we feed ourselves.
Then the drive home.. Stanton is located in a river valley.. so to get home we have to go over one mountain.. down into the river valley and then up that far mountain to our home...long day, tired people.. but it was worth it...

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